We're proud to stand hand in hand with local, independent restaurants, fighting to create a food industry that is just, fair, and delicious for all.

We like to imagine ourselves in a face-off against the Goliaths of the food industry with our best defense in hand—a burrito. 


Unassuming? Yes. 


Delicious? Also, yes. 


A heroic protagonist of our company’s origin tale? You got that right. 


The story begins in 2020...


The world had just begun round two of the COVID-19 pandemic. Cautious Americans continued to order-in from a handful of large franchises.


Greedy delivery apps monopolized the multi-billion dollar industry, leaving impersonal bags of food abandoned on doorsteps across the nation.


In the past year, online food order revenue had surged almost 30%, yet over 110,000 restaurants had closed their doors.

Something wasn’t right.

From our homes in Utah, we witnessed the ongoing inequities, closing family-owned restaurants and finding ourselves dismayed by our own money-hungry corporate work environments.


Knowing that the pandemic wasn’t entirely to blame for the industry’s disparity, we decided to join forces and design a sustainable business model that fuels revenue into local, independent restaurants, while also creating a seamless and personalized experience for the customer.


But we couldn’t accomplish this all on our own.


This is where our hero, the burrito, steps in.


Your singular purchase has quenched your Mexican food craving and simultaneously given a local restaurant a chance to fulfill additional orders during hours where customer flow is normally at a standstill.


It’s also created an equal opportunity for these locals shops to profit from the digital era since they often lack the resources needed to leverage technology like delivery apps, social media, and other irreplaceable marketing.


Most importantly, instead of funding huge corporations that already dominate the industry, the majority of profit supports independent restaurants and their hardworking employees.

Thank you for being part of the fight.💥

Meet the Team

Co-founder | CEO

- Born in Pomona, California
- Loves playing soccer
- Growth hacker 
- Obsessed with businesses helping the community 


Armando Lopez


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Co-founder | COO

- Born and raised in Bogota, Colombia

- Weekend activities: triathlon training and pickleball

- *Makes a spreadsheet for everything*

- Driven to make the best of my time alive

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Sebastian Garcia

Operations & Marketing

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Co-founder | Head of Partnerships

- Born in Morelos, Mexico
- Snowboard fanatic
- Problem solver
- Passionate about the sharing economy

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Joresth Blakeley


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